Seeking Happiness

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On the wedding night, when the bride hung herself, the handsome husband was sickly, the concubine was glaring like a tiger to see what her best next move would be. Shu Huan who time-travelled to the ancient times encountered such a mess.“Men and women can’t touch each other. You doing this is not right, right?”“Humph, you are already married to me. You still care about that?”“Eh eh, second young master, you haven’t healed yet. I’m thinking for your own good.”“Doesn’t matter, this young master isn’t interested in your bean sprouts like body.”While sleeping, they put a barrier of pillows between themWoman: “Eh…Eh….”Man: “Eh…what are you doing?Woman: “Don’t cross the line.”Man: “Ah……?”Woman: “If you cross the line, I’ll hit you with the incense burner.”Man “Uh……”Woman: If……if I accidentally cross the line……you don’t…”“Humph……if you continue to talk, I’ll tear your clothes and seal your mouth.”“You check so carefully because you are afraid that I’ll harm you?”“That isn’t it. Humph, I only want to know why someone will commit suicide by hanging on the wedding night.”“……”“You hate me so much? You prefer to die instead of spending the wedding night with me?

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