The Rise of Xueyue

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“What do you want from me?””Everything. Your soul, your body, your heart, but above all, I want you. Come to me, and you will be sheltered from every storm and hurricane that might come our way.”- – – – -Like every pitiful protagonist, Xueyue’s life was riddled with unfortunate events.An aloof birth mother? Check.A crazy father? Check.An older sister with a superior complex?Double-check!Through a twist of unfortunate events, Xueyue was sentenced to death by beating. And no, she did not reincarnate to a better life.Offered the opportunity to have a new identity, Xueyue eventually found herself colliding paths with a mischievous and fearsome, but devilishly handsome Commander who’d stop at nothing to acquire her heart.Will he succeed in doing so?Sly. Vicious. Ruthless. The very whisper of his name was enough for soldiers to abandon their weapon and armor in the battlefield. Yet, this merciless Commander found himself on wits-end with a sharp-tongued woman that turned his entire world into beautiful chaos.Many say love is a fleeting emotion, but to them, love is a constant devotion.- – – – –

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